Tatem Rop Wetem Manples

The main aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of Santo youth leaders to enact sustainable community development of cultural heritage, peace building and positive environmental practices.

This project is an initiative to develop deep connections between ni-Vanuatu people, their traditions and culture, and their environment. It is a youth-driven project aimed at enhancing youth capacity to collaborate with their respective communities while respecting traditional structures and customs.


Suggested activities:

1. TEKS Leader participates in Sounds Aotearoa (Feb 2014 in New Zealand) – to network and further develop skills and knowledge for preserving and promoting cultural heritage

2. 30-40 youth in Luganville area are supported in their activities through building skills in leadership, organizing and ethical governance, and developing innovative strategies to preserve and promote diverse traditions and cultures, healthy living and the environment – more discussion and planning needed for this activity with Youth Unit

3. Workshop with Horomano Horo on maintaining cultural values and heritage


Expected outcomes:

–  Youth are empowered in their ability to interact with elders and local communities to analyse and strategise appropriate solutions for local issues

–  Increased respect amongst people and awareness of good environmental practice will ensure communities adopt a proactive ecological approach to their daily lives

–  Youth and communities have improved resilience and capacity to manage their kastom identities and cultural heritage in the urban area

–  Increased engagement amongst diverse communities and with local organisations, groups and government will contribute to sustainable development


Using arts and culture for social transformation