Music Bridges

Music Bridges
2012 to current
Funded by the European Union


The project will link FA with COSV which is an indigenous solidarity organization based in Italy with a history of projects in Africa. The African partner to this project is based in Mozambique. The project will facilitate exchange and development between traditional musicians and festival organizers in Mozambique and Vanuatu.

The project aims to favour the strengthening of the music industry as a tool of poverty reduction in the ACP countries. It will also reinforce the creation and the production of music goods and services in Mozambique and Vanuatu, in the perspective of a South-South cooperation and networking amongst regional and European artistic contexts through an integrated approach with distribution circuits.

The results include:
• Stakeholders of the music sector develop and organize music residential camps contributing to the empowerment of the music industrial fabric
• Stakeholders enter distribution contexts and networks, promoting with innovative methods their country’s music industry via festivals and NICTs
• Mozambique and Vanuatu stakeholders of the music sector improve their knowledge in the organization, distribution and promotion of music goods, services and events

Using arts and culture for social transformation