Rural Youth & Cultural Rights in Vanuatu – UNESCO Youth Forum Label

Published on Jul 3, 2014

This is short promotional clip filmed and produced by the TEKS Program including Nesar Studio and Manbush Productions crews at Namasari village, Gaua island in Northern Vanuatu in November 2013.
Salav festival is the name given to the St. Andrew’s Day celebrations held every year in Namasari village. It features several taboo cultural dances performed by men, women and children of Gaua island including Mau and Qwat Custom Dances, Kortum (Bigfala Tamtam) Custom Dance, and the mesmerizing Women’s Water Music.
The TEKS Program is an initiative of TEKS Unit in Santo and Further Arts in Port Vila, sponsored by The Christensen Fund.

 Gender and Climate Change Short Film   (Vanuatu)

Published on Jul 3, 2014
The Action Against Climate Change (A2C2) Project in 2013 was a Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) funded project lead by APIDAE (Australia). Further Arts was contracted to provide production assistance with the video outputs. Five of our experienced youth media team members acted as mentors to high school students to facilitate the development and production of their videos.
This film focuses on the topic of gender and climate change, and portrays the challenges faced by women and young families in Vanuatu to adapt to climate change issues. It was filmed and edited with the assistance of Roselyn Tari (Nesar Studio Coordinator, Further Arts).

 MUSIK I TOKTOK – Singaot Musik Kamp 2013, Vanuatu

Musik Kamp had over 60 musicians participating in the camp and events, hailing from Pacific islands including Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, West Papua, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea, African countries Mozambique and La Reunion, and Austria and Australia. The camp consisted of daily workshops to share and exchange traditional music and dance, culminating in energetic performances at the two biggest cultural events in Vanuatu — Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival in Luganville, and Fest’Napuan in Port Vila.
Published on Nov 22, 2013
Video by SMK Production Crew. Made as part of Singaot Musik Kamp, and Lukaotem Gud Santo festival, Vanuatu 2013.


“Natano Pasifika” is a group of six talented traditional and contemporary Melanesian musicians who will be touring to Mozambique this May for the Music Crossroads Mozambique music camp and festivals.

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