Nesar Studio

“The word ‘Nesar’ comes from the vernacular language of Vao island, located on the North Eastern coast of Malekula island in Vanuatu.  It indicates the place where all custom ceremonies and dances are performed, and where chiefs, men, women and youth can meet to discuss village affairs.  Nesar is the sacred place where traditional arts and knowledge are practiced and transmitted across generations.”

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Nesar Studio is facilitating short courses and training for anyone who wants to enroll. After training we have project and activities and we select any participant that we see fit and ready to work on the project.

Some of the courses and training that we’ve been carrying out these past years include: photography, filming, documentary production, news & journalism, and music videos. We have volunteers and experts of media, radio, television and film in Vanuatu and Pacific.Image is loading...

Nesar Studio  has a library of books, DVDs and CDs you can use it as long as you become member 100vt for 12 months.

If you’re interested in music, arts, film, photography, media, journalism, design or storytelling, come join us at Nesar Studio! We have over 150 member that have already registered.Image is loading...


When you become member you can acess:

1. Inside studio and free internet during opening hour

2. Be part of Traning and workshop (free)

3. You can do internship with us on what intress you have

4. You can apply for work on a project

Using arts and culture for social transformation