Canal Studio

The Canal Studio Association was legally established in 2011 by members of the local Santo community. Canal Studio is named after the Segond Canal – the body of water on which Luganville town is situated – and the public access rehearsal studio which the Association manages.  Canal Studio is an incorporated charitable association in Vanuatu, operating on the island of Espiritu Santo. Canal Studio began with the establishment of a physical studio space in Luganville, Santo in 2006. In Santo, Chairman of Canal Studio, David Nalo, emphasised the importance of the studio as ‘the heart and soul of the music, arts, youth and cultural movement in Santo’.  This studio and the people it brought together were also crucial for the instigation of the Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival.  The vision of Canal Studio is to help create a harmonious, clean & safe environment in Santo by using traditional culture and music as a tool for communication and education.

Canal Studio works towards achieving its goal by:

  • Improving environmental awareness and activities among the people of Santo
  • Organising an annual festival called Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival (LGSF) which promotes the vision;
  • Creating income-generating opportunities for local Ni Vanuatu;
  • Uniting the many different cultures residing in Santo in a harmonious and respectful manner by presenting their traditional cultural expression at the festival.
  • Finding new approaches to re-integrating the respect of kastom values  into our society
  • Scouting and indentifying new or existing cultural activities.
  • Encouraging the revival of disappearing kastom activities including traditional ecological resource management strategies.
  • Assisting in the development and promotion of our kastom inheritance.
  • Working with all communities and groups in reference to the above from music to lifestyle.

Our flagship program is called “Engaging Youth in Cultural Rights and Conservation”. You can see more about this broad program here:

Engaging Youth in Cultural Rights and Conservation

And some of the specific project activities are described here:

Using arts and culture for social transformation