Sarah Doyle

Operations Manager, Further Arts & Nesar Studio

Sarah’s work at Further Arts involves coordinating and managing the day-to-day project activities, and the staff and volunteers of the association.  Sarah builds and maintains relationships with partners, donors, stakeholders and local communities.  She is also skilled in photography and multimedia, training, research, and writing.


Sarah has been directly involved in the organization of the following projects and productions: Vanuatu Women’s Water Music DVD, Voices for Change, Music Bridges: Singaot Musik Kamp 2013 and Mozambique tour 2014, TEKS Program/Engaging Youth in Cultural Rights Activity, South Planet and the Nonviolent Action in Melanesia program.  Through Further Arts, Sarah has studied Nonviolent Conflict at the Fletcher Summer Institute in Boston (USA), presented at the OURMedia conference in Papua New Guinea, facilitated local community organizing workshops, and assisted in the development of creative media at Nesar Studio.


Delly Roy

Leader of Traditional Entertainment & Kastom Support (TEKS) Unit, Espiritu Santo island

Delly is based in Santo, as leader of the TEKS Unit for more than three years. Her main skills and experience are in: cultural heritage management and promotion; performer and community relationship building; tour and event coordination; networking and collaboration; and research and artistic design.

She has been instrumental in organizing and negotiating major arts and cultural achievements including: Mini Arts Festivals in Northern Vanuatu (TEKS Program); the Vanuatu Women’s Water Music DVD and tours; Singaot Musik Kamp 2013, an international cross-cultural music exchange program in rural Santo; Vanuatu representation at the Festival of Pacific Arts (Solomon Islands, 2012) with the Vilvil group; and, ongoing integration of kastom performances into Vanuatu’s 2nd major cultural event, the Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival in Luganville, Santo.

Delly has also been able to expand the TEKS network both nationally and internationally through numerous exchanges and expositions.

Roselyn Tari

Studio Coordinator, Nesar Studio

Roselyn is a production crew leader, specializing in photo, filming and editing.  She has also been a trainer for Nesar Studio’s media education workshops alongside experts from Vanuatu and Australia through the PACMAS funded initiative.

As the winner of the 2014 Namatan Short Film Festival competition, with her film ‘True Color’, Roselyn has established herself as an emerging filmmaker.  She has also attended several training workshops including the FemLINKPACIFIC Young Women’s Media Advocacy program in Fiji.

Len Jacob

Production and Website Officer, Further Arts & Nesar Studio

Len is one of the lead production crew members for Nesar Studio, with particular interest in editing and animation.  Len has worked with media professionals from Vanuatu and Australia to develop his skills and knowledge in using creative software and quality techniques.  He is also a trainer of Nesar Studio’s media education workshops, and has attended local media conferences and workshops with media stakeholders in Vanuatu.

Ladonna Daniel

Administration & Finance Officer

Ladonna oversees the administrative functions and assists in the financial management of the association. She also contributes to communications materials and tasks.  Ladonna has experience working with youth and community groups in Vanuatu, particularly focusing on women’s rights, health, and leadership issues.

Prescilla Meto

Project Assistant

Prescilla works alongside Further Arts operational staff to implement projects and engage with community members, especially young people.  She has been assisting the development of the Nonviolent Action in Melanesia program through partnership with Youth Against Corruption Vanuatu, where she currently resides as President.  Prescilla is also skilled in research and facilitation, and filming and editing as a Nesar Studio crew member.

Christelle Lakeleo

Nesar Studio crew member

Christelle is a volunteer and key crew member of Nesar Studio productions, having been involved in Singaot Musik Kamp 2013, the Blackbirding documentary and training, and the Niu Saon mo Kalja kamp in 2014.  She is skilled in filming and editing videos.  Christelle is also known for her acting skills in other members’ Namatan Short Film Festival films.

Andrew Tamata

Nesar Studio crew member

Andrew is a volunteer and key crew member of Nesar Studio productions, having been involved in the Action Against Climate Change project as a mentor to high school students, Singaot Musik Kamp, the Blackbirding documentary and training, and a production for the Pacific Community Climate Change Risk Reduction project.  Andrew shows great interest in filming and editing of creative multimedia content.

Toukala Sam

Nesar Studio crew member

Toukala was involved in the Actiona Against Climate Change project as a mentor to high school students in developing a film about climate change .  Toukala’s main skills in media and communications include presentations and public speaking, photography, and filming.  She also attended the FemLINKPACIFIC workshop in Fiji in 2014 to develop skills in radio drama production and blog writing.

Nicky Kuautonga

Nesar Studio crew member

Nicky is a talented filmmaker, specializing in filming, interviewing and editing.  Nicky is also skilled in sound and photography.  With a range of great skills, Nicky won second prize for his film legend of the Eye in the Namatan Short Film Festival 2014.

Rotha Jeffery

Nesar Studio crew member

Rotha is lead narrator at Nesar Studio, with her voice being used in many productions.  She also takes photos, directs interviews and acts in Nesar Studio production.





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