2012 to 2013

Funder: European Union

Partners: Fest’Napuan, Canal Studio, Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival, Youth Against Corruption Vanuatu, Youth Justice, VANGO, The Change Agency, Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs,

This project provided organizational support for FA and the other partners: Fest’Napuan, Canal Studio/Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival, and Youth Against Corruption Vanuatu. The project had a strong focus on grassroots media and provided pathways for peoples’ voices to be broadcast on TV through the community-access KAM TV channel. The project utilised a number of existing advocacy, media and research networks, by linking with key organisations with which Further Arts has strong associations, to support nascent youth associations that have arisen in part out of previous projects that we have implemented over the previous ten years. The project supported the development of these associations in building their skills and practical capacity in organisation, and in the literacy and skills needed to participate more fully and effectively in policy processes.

The results included:

  • More access to information for young people and through them the general population.
  • More informed and better organised and networked youth associations.
  • More engagement of young people with kastom governance mechanisms and increased inter-generational dialogue on social and policy issues.
  • More effective advocacy and engagement campaigns with government by youth associations.
  • More representation of young people in policy advisory bodies, with young women to be fairly represented.