2013 to 2015

Funder: European Union

Partners: Africultures, Alliance Française de Port-Vila, Pacific Arts Alliance, Moresby Arts Theatre

The Southplanet (Sudplanète) portal was created in 2006 to meet the specific needs of artists and cultural operators. Developed by Africultures in liaison with its network of international partners – in Africa, the Groupe30 Afrique and Arterial Network; in the Caribbean, Media Sport and Entertainment, Gens de la Caraïbe and the Collectif 2004 Images; in the Pacific, Further Arts, Alliance Française de Port-Vila and the Pacific Arts Alliance – the site is both:

  • A database of ACP countries’ artists, cultural operators, organizations and events that makes it possible to pool information that is otherwise hard to find on the Internet;
  • A networking tool destined for these different actors, enabling them to get to know one another, exchange practices and collaborate.

Further Arts’ role was to research creative professionals including artists, musicians and their associations in the region and to populate a database. We worked closely with Alliance Française de Port-Vila to do this.