2017 to present

Funders: Peace and Conflict Studies Institute Australia, UNESCO

Partners: Vanuatu Cultural Centre, Luganville Kenu, Mont-Dore

Further Arts facilitated an innovative programme to mitigate the effects of relocation on 10,000 displaced residents from the island of Ambae in northern Vanuatu.

Further Arts observed that displaced persons lacked access to everyday materials that are essential to intangible cultural heritage and are vital to the transmission of knowledge from mothers to daughters, for example, pandanus leaves for making and dyeing mats.

Therefore, Further Arts supported local women to address the availability of leaves to help local “artists” sustain their creative practices. The approach involved deep listening and prioritizing local voices and cultural knowledge. Together, a solution to the supply chain problem was devised. This project contributes to safeguarding Ambae cultural practices, strengthening leadership capacity and providing ongoing opportunities for income generation.