Sunshine Coast University student interns on traditional wisdom and arts projects with Further Arts in Santo

Lenize with children from Waisine Village, South Ambae, at their second home in Bellerue Village, northeast Santo.

Lenize Panovsky hailing from the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Australia has commenced an internship placement with Further Arts in Vanuatu. Lenize arrived in Santo at the end of January and will be working with Further Arts fieldworkers there for four weeks followed by a week at the Further Arts head office in Port Vila.

The internship forms a core part of Lenize’s Master of International Development at USC – Lenize is expected to demonstrate mastery of development theories and practice learned during the course and apply it to an actual international development project.

Lenize connected with Further Arts in late 2019 after reading about and becoming interested in Further Arts’ cultural heritage safeguarding work with local communities in northern Vanuatu. Lenize is keen to study and support traditional wisdom and arts projects, particularly those involving women. She has a background in community development and curriculum development, and as a Counsellor for children at risk. She also ran a business called Small World Market in Australia selling traditional ethnic products for children made by women trading their way out of poverty from different cultures around the world. Now she is a full-time student pursuing a career in international development.

Lenize (centre) with Rita (right) and community members in Santo.

Further Arts fieldworkers Rita Bill and Dely Roy Nalo in Santo are currently working on arts and cultural projects including peace building through pandanus weaving amongst displaced Ambaean women artists, and a research documentation project in Banks Islands on the endangered material practice of shell money production. Lenize will learn from fieldworkers and participating communities, as well as offer advice and support to them based on the wealth of knowledge and skills she brings from previous development work.

Further Arts is grateful to have Lenize working with our team, to promote mutual learning and benefit.

For more information about the projects:

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