Nesar Studio

Nesar Studio is a community access multimedia facility established in 2013 by Further Arts.

Nesar Studio is a space for community voices, citizen and social media, and sharing and learning alternative methods of storytelling via creative digital media (art, film and photo).

With over 150 members, Nesar Studio runs film, music video, photography, documentary, news and journalism educational and technical courses, and has engaged over 50 members in project activities and productions. We also assist our members to attend external trainings and conferences, and find employment opportunities in the wider community and media landscape of Vanuatu.

If you are interested in music, arts, film, photography, media, journalism, design or storytelling, come and join us at Nesar Studio!

The word ‘Nesar’ comes from the vernacular language of Vao island, located on the North Eastern coast of Malekula island in Vanuatu.  It indicates the place where all custom ceremonies and dances are performed, and where chiefs, men, women and youth can meet to discuss village affairs.  Nesar is the sacred place where traditional arts and knowledge are practiced and transmitted across generations.


Support the studio by becoming a member. Annual memberships are donation based starting at 100vt.

Once you register, you will receive our bi-monthly newsletters and you can:

1. Access the studio, book a computer and use the wi-fi during opening hours.

2. Take part in regular trainings and workshops (free!).

3. Do an internship with us based on your interests.

4. Apply to work on one of our exciting projects!

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